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(Master List)

*refers to multi-chaptered stories.

Stories by Parapluies

Closet Fever → Naruto/Sakura (rated M)
Now and Then → Naruto/Sakura (rated M)
A Matter of Opinion → Naruto/Sakura (rated M)
Hanging by a Moment* → Naruto/Sakura (rated T)
Yours and Mine* → Naruto/Sakura (rated T)
Heatwave → Naruto/Sakura (rated T)
Skin Deep → Naruto & Sakura (rated K+)
Lineage → Gen; Naruto-centered (rated K+)

Kingdom Hearts:
All You Wanted → Roxas/Kairi, Sora/Kairi + Roxas/Namine (rated M)
Touch the Sky* → Roxas/Kairi (rated T)
Lost and Found → Roxas/Kairi + Sora/Kairi (rated T)
Haven of Memories* → Roxas, Kairi (Rated T)
A Stroke of Luck → Roxas/Kairi, Riku (rated M)
From Beginning to End :: 01 | 02 → Sora/Tifa (rated T)

Fighting that Feeling* → Ichigo/Rukia (rated T)
Fireworks* → Ichigo/Rukia (rated T)
Stolen → Ichigo/Rukia (rated K+)
When the Sun Ceases to Shine → Ichigo/Rukia (rated T)

Avatar: the last Airbender:
No One Else* → Aang/Katara, Sokka (rated T)
Close Your Eyes and Pretend → Katara, Aang/Katara (rated T)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!:
Early Bird → Yamamoto/Gokudera (rated M)
Relapse → Yamamoto/Gokudera, Tsuna (rated T)
Much Ado About Hair → Xanxus & Squalo (rated T)

Fairy Tail:
Unbreakable → Gray/Lucy (rated T)
Like Gravity → Gray/Lucy (rated T)
New Management → Gen; Lucy, Gray & Natsu (rated T)
Keeper → Gen; Natsu, Lisana and Happy (rated K)
Thirty Seconds till Sunrise → Natsu/Lisana (rated K+)
When Hearts Go Blind → Natsu/Lisana, Gray & Happy (rated T)

Can't Settle on Forever → Ed/Winry (rated T) [Fullmetal Alchemist]
Living the Dream → Zack/Aerith (rated K+) [Final Fantasy VII]
What You See → one-sided Simon/Yoko (rated T) [Gurren Lagann]
Fated → Haku/Chihiro (rated K+) [Studio Ghibli: Spirited Away]

Stories by Sylver_Eyes

Kingdom Hearts:
→ Sora/Namine + Sora/Kairi (rated T)
Drown → Roxas/Kairi (rated T)
This is Not Organic → Larxene/Kairi (rated T)
You Will Burn in Hell → Axel/Kairi/Roxas (rated T)
The Double-Edged Sword → Marluxia/Larxene (rated K+)
Beam Me up, Scotty! → Axel/Kairi (rated T)
Every Time That We Meet I Skip a Heartbeat* → Roxas/Kairi (rated T)
Live for the Moment → Riku, Sora & Kairi (rated T)
Dance Clubs and Night Lights → one-sided Sora/Tifa (rated K)

Code Geass:
Lelouch's Knots → Suzaku/CC (rated T)
Make You Smile
→ Suzaku/Anya (rated K+)
Winterfrost → Suzaku/Euphemia (rated T)

Avatar: the last Airbender:
Personal Drift → Gen (rated K+)
An Ass Out of U and Me → Zuko/Katara (rated T)
Dreamwave → Jet/Katara (rated T)
Burn → Jet/Azula (rated T)
Three Lefts Make a Right → Sokka/Azula (rated K+)

Kill the Moon → Inuyasha/Sango (rated K+)
I Feel Like Myself → Miroku/Kagome (rated K+)

Fairy Tail:
Sister Mira
→ Gen, Mirajane & Erza (rated K+)
Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite → Gray/Lucy (rated T)
Pen and Ink → Gazille/Levi (rated K+)

Final Fantasy VII:
43 Days in a Year
→ Cloud/Tifa, Zack/Tifa + Cloud/Aerith (rated k+)
For the Last Time → Zack & Tifa (rated K+)

A slow-dying flower in a frost-killing hour → one-sided Kurumi/Kazehaya, Kazehaya/Sawako (rated K) [Kimi ni Todoke]

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