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[Fairy Tail] Keeper

Title: Keeper
Fandom: Fairy Tail
Genre: Family
Rating: K
Characters/Pairings: Natsu, Lisana & Happy; hints of Natsu/Lisana
Warnings/Spoilers: If you haven’t read/watched “Natsu and the Dragon Egg” then yes, this will be a spoiler for you.
Status: Complete.
Summary: Even Natsu has his doubts about fatherhood. Fortunately for him, she was always there to remind him of his reasons.
Episode 20 was the epitome of cuteness. I just couldn’t resist writing about Natsu, Lisana and baby Happy together. I might make a series out of this, so who knows. Enjoy~


Natsu watched, a touch fascinated and a touch out of place, while Lisana fed Happy, who was propped on a small wooden chair with a bib around his neck. 

It’d been half a year since Happy’s birth and it was still a bit challenging to look after him, especially when Natsu hardly knew anything about babies, much less knew how to raise one. 

There were many things he didn’t understand; like how babies couldn’t eat large portions of food all the time (he’d practically dropped a whole fish onto Happy’s tiny plate and was promptly berated by nearly everyone in the guild) and how they needed more sleep than the average person (like the time he spent the whole day playing with Happy and when the kitten wouldn’t wake up the next day, it’d nearly given him a heart attack). 

Luckily, Lisana always seemed to know what to do. 

She had become an almost frequent visitor in his household; helping feed Happy, washing him and putting him to sleep—she had even taken to looking after him too, although Natsu didn’t know when that started happening. She’d clean out his apartment for him on the days he was away, made his bed for him when he would have otherwise left it in its unkempt condition, washed and pressed all his clothes, and there was always something left for him to eat. Natsu didn’t know why she did it, but he had never been more grateful to have someone like her in his life.    

At the present moment, Happy was busy gurgling his food and all the contents kept dripping from his open mouth and onto, well, everywhere.

Lisana just dabbed the napkin on him and then picked up the spoon for another bite, unfazed. 

“Say, ‘ahhh’—“Happy did as he was told, and Lisana cooed, affectionately, “That’s my good little boy.” 

And that was another thing about Lisana—lately, she had taken to calling Happy ‘her little one’ or ‘baby’ and sometimes, on very rare occasions she thought he wasn’t paying attention or was asleep, he heard her whisper, “my son”. 

It was as though she really saw herself as Happy’s mother. 

Natsu couldn’t help but think Lisana would be a wonderful mother one day. She was always so kind and caring; so very patient and understanding. Natsu, more often than naught, wondered how she could put up with someone like him—so wild and out of control—personally, he couldn’t see himself as a father… not even a surrogate one. 

He regularly did the wrong things; always made the obvious mistakes… sometimes he acted without thinking them through first. The last thing he wanted was to mess things up for Happy—to let him down.     


Natsu looked up and Lisana was standing in front of him. 

“What’s wrong?” 

Natsu promptly looked away, feeling suddenly uncomfortable with the way she was staring at him. “Nothing,” he mumbled, trying to sound casual and indifferent about it. 

She made a small humming sound at the back of her throat, which suspiciously sounded a lot like a laugh. “Then why don’t you help me feed him?” she suggested. 

“The last time I tried to spoon-feed him, I got sardines all over my scarf,” he pointed out, still not looking at her. 

Lisana frowned and poked him on the cheek. “Hey,” she said again, this time her voice had changed. She sounded concerned. “What’s the matter?”

“I already told you, didn’t I?” he said, “It’s nothing—and stop doing that, Lisana,” he growled when she wouldn’t stop poking him. 

“Hmmm… that’s not like you,” she said, tilting her head to the side, “you’re always so eager to be around Happy.”

He turned around. “I am—“

“Then why are you over here rather than over there?” she said, gesturing to where Happy was seated. 

Natsu made a disgruntled noise and looked away again, arms folded. 

He heard Lisana sigh and walk away. He resisted the urge to turn around and grab her back, but the mixture of pride and guilt prevented him from doing so. 

“Well, since you won’t go to him, he’ll just come to you,” said Lisana, who had come back with little Happy in her arms. 

Just as he saw him, Happy’s eyes instantly lit up and he raised his little paws in the air, signaling for Natsu to pick him up and carry him. By instinct, Natsu felt his hand twitch—felt that urge to lift Happy in his arms and hold him—but remembering why he shouldn’t he, very reluctantly, placed his hand back down. 

Lisana seemed to have noticed his odd behavior and raised a brow at him. In her arms, Happy became fussier. When Natsu wouldn’t pick him up, Happy started whining—a sound that meant he was on the brink of wailing. 

Natsu felt torn. Lisana, once again, took matters into her own hands. 

“Honestly,” she said with an exasperated roll of her eyes, “here.” 

He barely had time to protest as she deposited Happy onto his lap. The little blue cat immediately stilled and stared up at Natsu, who, helplessly, stared back. He quickly looked at Lisana for signs of help—looking uncharacteristically nervous for once, but she merely smiled at him as if she knew (and Natsu had no doubt that she likely did)… knew the core of all his fears and just how to erase them. 

Natsu swallowed and looked back at Happy, who kept on staring at him, wordlessly. He took a breath and then gently offered his index finger. 

Happy did not hesitate to take it. Natsu felt his whole paw wrap around that one finger, none too gently he might add, but Happy’s hand was small compared to his—small, delicate and in need of guidance… protection.

“You’re the dad, aren’t you?” said Lisana sofly as she watched the exchange. 

She was right, of course. If no one would be a father to Happy then who will? He couldn’t see Gray doing it, let alone Luxus or Macao. And even if they were able, Natsu didn’t think he wanted them to. 

He thought of Igneel, who wasn’t truly his father, but had taken and raised him as his own—had stood by him, guided him by the hand and protected him. 

“If I’m the dad then I gotta protect you two, right?” 

Natsu felt the corner of his lips turn upwards into a smile. “Yeah,” he murmured, more to himself than anyone else. “I am.” To Happy, he said, “Guess you’re stuck with me, little guy,” he said.

As if he understood, Happy broke into a wide, opened smile. “Aye!” he squeaked. 

Natsu then raised his eyes and shyly met Lisana’s twinkling blue ones. “Both of you.” 

He watched as Lisana’s eyes widened slightly and her cheeks flush an unbelievably bright shade of pink, but she looked delighted, although she was doing her best to try and hide it. 

He would have said more if Happy’s face had not bloat up and he started to chalk up soggy sardines... all across Natsu’s scarf. 

“Aww man, not again…” Natsu complained, staring down at himself in dismay. He sighed, “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a handful.” 

“Looks like,” said Lisana, grinning. “I’ll go get the cloth.” 

As she rushed into the kitchen, Natsu picked up Happy and raised him to his face. 

“Why do you always puke all over me and never on your mom?” he said, surprising himself with the use of that word, but deciding that he rather liked it—rather enjoyed saying it, but most of all, thought it was suitable, considering what they were: a family. And making sure Lisana was still not around to hear, he murmured, “From now on, you can rely on me too, okay?” He looked at Happy and smiled. “You can rely on your dad to be there for you.” 

Happy merely burped and started giggling again.

That’s my boy.

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